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Who we are

Based in the UK, Fantom Factory Ltd is owned by Steve and Emma Eynon. We are a company dedicated to providing excellent training and consultancy for Fantom, Axon, and Project Haystack technologies.

Steve has an extensive background in full stack development, and in more recent years has become well known for his good looks, enthusiasm, and expertise in the Fantom programming language.

Emma has a wealth of experience in knowledge management and technical support. As a qualified group trainer she enforces a good standard of learning for all audience types, including non-developers.

Previous happy customers include SkyFoundry, Altura Associates, Anka Labs, BAM Group, BASSG, BuildingFit, Infinity Monitoring, Group 14, Rubysoft, and Strukton Worksphere.


Call on us if you need to outsource a development project or have a requirement for a product in an unfamiliar technology.

We can create software connectors, Axon APIs, SkySpark extensions, and other bespoke software saving you time, resource, and ultimately money.

You can be confident in the quality of the finished product with support at hand to get you up and running.

Some examples are the StackHub e-Commerce platform, Axonator software encryption, and the Escape the Mainframe game.


We can advise on the full range of full stack development matters. Perhaps you would like to implement a new system, assess your networking capabilities, or troubleshoot system errors?

We can evaluate your business software architecture to give you direction with technical growth and future proofing. We are also happy to answer your queries regarding Fantom, Axon, and Haystack technologies. Anything is possible!

Send us an email to outline your requirements and see how we can help.


We offer group training courses in Fantom and SkySpark which can be delivered on site or in a convenient nearby location. These can be especially effective for project teams who need to attain a similar level of knowledge to meet deadlines in a new technology.

Our courses can be tailored for different audience types; you don't need to be a developer to learn SkySpark! We also employ a variety of teaching methods to make sure that no one is left behind simply because of a difference in learning styles.

If you feel we can help you, send us an email and we'll be happy to generate a cost estimate.

Coming soon! We are busy developing our new e-learning platform - watch this space for details of our upcoming launch date.

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